The African Carbon Credit Showcase is now available for download here!

The ACMI supply catalogue is a centralized and extensive range of existing high integrity carbon credits projects in Africa that meet ACMI's eligibility criteria. The catalogue aims at showing a comprehensive view of African supply of carbon credits while increases transparency into African carbon credits.

The ACMI Carbon credit showcase meets several purposes:

  1. Centralize an extensive and differentiated range of carbon credit projects to showcase the breadth of African supply and encourage diversification (providing the 1st most comprehensive view of African supply)
  2. Support development of new supply by including and thus providing visibility for early-stage projects1, future vintages, new or emerging methodologies
  3. Encourage deeper and more standardized information disclosure, especially on co-benefits and share of profits to local communities and asset-owners.
  4. Drive transparency towards quality and integrity indicators (i.e., ICVCM’s CCP’s)
  5. Increase visibility for African project developers to international buyers and investors, leveraging the momentum and network of ACMI.


Projects in the Showcase meet the following criteria:

  1. Project validated against an ICROA-endorsed independent standard (potential future publications will require ICVCM CCPs compliant)
  2. Section 2: Projects not yet validated against an ICROA-endorsed independent standard
  3. Projects designed against new or emerging methodologies