Action Programmes

Thematic Groups

On 24th January 2024, during its Steering Committee meeting in Nairobi, ACMI refreshed its strategy based on substantial market feedback. ACMI’s strategy for the coming years will further tackle the challenges needed to scale high-integrity African carbon markets and unlock benefits for the continent. Our Action programs have been streamlined into four thematic groups and are highly focused on how we can best help drive higher integrity and unlock benefits for Africa. These action programs seek to deepen the continent’s participation in the carbon market through:

  • Fostering collaboration for increased integrity, equity, and transparency while championing African interests by advancing a positive narrative on carbon markets. This includes partnering with integrity setters and leveraging their expertise and frameworks to enhance the effectiveness and credibility of our efforts.
  • Providing support to governments, project developers, and local communities through a combination of direct support and tools for effective regulation and high-integrity supply
  • Acting as a central point of reference on the state of African carbon markets and assemble market participants to build joint momentum around the path forward.
  • Advocating for a broad range of carbon credit demands, such as compliance, voluntary carbon markets, and international trading mechanisms under Article 6, focusing on encouraging advanced market signals (AMS), with a goal of converting these signals into real commitments.

Develop Carbon Market Activation plans (CMAPS) to provide a roadmap for African countries to leverage their carbon markets potential, stimulate job creation, create revenue streams, and support a just and equitable energy transition.

Design and deploy a curated curriculum on carbon markets and technical knowledge, across multiple geographies and project development types to foster carbon project development on the continent. As well as scale African project developers and smallholder programs

Provide support to African exchanges and marketplace, deploy financing mechanisms to derisk investment, set up an advance market signals, establish carbon neutral commodities, and identification of long-term innovative financing model.

ACMI aims to build demand for African credits by ensuring that buyers and high integrity standards organisations understand and account for the unique value of African credits and by advocating for African credits to be more widely integrated into international compliance markets. “Higher credit quality will help to build public and corporate confidence in carbon markets”.