ACMI has driven significant advances across the carbon market landscape, achieving key milestones:

Carbon Market Activation Plans

Engaged with seven countries to develop comprehensive carbon market regulations through Carbon Market Activation Plans (CMAPs), creating a pathway for stable and effective environments for carbon markets to grow.

Aggregated Intentions for US$1 Billion

Aggregated intentions for US$ 1 billion in investing into high-integrity African carbon credits by 2030, including US$250 million in signalled investment intentions. This serves as an advocacy tool to signal significant offtake opportunities to project developers and investors, aiming to enhance market confidence and improve access to capital without facilitating transactions.

Compiled the first comprehensive listing of over 100 African carbon credit projects

Compiled the first comprehensive listing of over 100 African carbon credit projects, aiming to offset more than 90 Mt CO2e annually – providing transparency on Africa’s supply and benefits across projects.

Pioneering Methodology

Developed a concept note for a pioneering methodology focused on phasing out fossil fuel generators that holds potential to channel significant investment towards sustainable energy solutions.

Broadened our scope to integrate compliance

Broadened our scope to integrate compliance carbon markets and mechanisms under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, in addition to the initially targeted voluntary carbon markets.

These achievements were made possible by engaging with 400+ carbon market players, many of whom are firmly behind high-integrity, high-equity, and at-scale African carbon markets.