ACMI Demand & Investment in Africa Carbon Credits

Target Audience: Project developers, carbon off-takers, and investors.

The voluntary and compliance carbon market in Africa is experiencing a surge in demand, and ACMI is at the forefront of this exciting development. This webpage aims to showcase the immense investment potential within this market and how your involvement can contribute to a sustainable future for Africa.

ACMI is proud to announce a significant milestone – over $1 billion in advanced market signals for African carbon credits (demonstrated visually in Infographic 1). This signifies a growing commitment from leading organizations (listed prominently) to purchase verified carbon credits generated by African projects. These “signals” translate into potential buyers for project developers, minimizing risk and paving the way for market expansion.

Through our interactive map, discover a curated list of high-integrity project developers operating in various African nations. By clicking on a marker, you can access detailed information about these developers, including their areas of focus and website links. This allows you to connect directly with potential partners and explore investment opportunities aligned with your sustainability goals.

ACMI plays a crucial role in converting market signals into concrete commitments. Our mission is to accelerate demand growth within the African carbon market, fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits both project developers and investors. We envision a future where Africa's carbon credit exports reach an ambitious $120 billion annually by 2040 (visualized in Infographic 2).

The time to invest in Africa's carbon future is now. We encourage project developers, carbon off-takers, and investors to register through our user-friendly form (Registration Form). By joining forces with ACMI, you can contribute to climate action efforts while unlocking lucrative investment opportunities. Clear instructions are provided to guide you through the registration process and become an active participant in shaping a sustainable future for Africa