Advisor to Governments on Carbon Market Activation

To address Africa’s Distinct challenges and to drive Africa’s Market potential, ACMI is looking to work with African Governments, key regulators and ecosystem stakeholders in developing and implementing Carbon Market Activation Plans (CMAP). The purpose of the CMAP is to identify strategies that will enable countries in Africa effectively finance their climate goals and development by way of building the foundations and catalysts for a thriving Carbon Market ecosystem. As such, the ACMI CMAP’s aim to:

  • Create an export industry that has the potential to contribute to all sectors of the economy.
  • Make African countries investor-friendly destinations for carbon market investments. These have been hampered, in some instances, by counterproductive policies and jurisdictional frameworks.
  • Create a country level carbon credit market (Voluntary, Article 6 & Compliance) that is high integrity and high quality (and as a result, high price).
  • Amplify the role of the government in streamlining processes and creating transparency across the value chain with a proof of concept exhibited via successful pilot projects.
  • Ensure that local communities benefit significantly from the development of this industry with clear benefit sharing and revenue allocation frameworks.

ACMI achieved a significant milestone by unveiling its first CMAP in Kenya during the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi this September. Recognising its considerable success, including the strategic input the CMAP provided for the Draft Kenyan Climate Change Amendment Bill (2023), ACMI is committed to extending its support to other African countries in developing end-to-end CMAPs, with a pipeline of over 20 African countries indicating interest for support from ACMI.